Blueskies is a trauma informed organisation and places relationships and connection at the heart of its practice .

 Adverse Childhood Experiences (A.C.E.s) traumatise children.

There is robust evidence linking adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) to severe negative health and social outcomes across people’s lives. Experiences such as physical or sexual abuse, domestic violence or parental separation can have a negative impact on a child’s mental health, physical health, education outcomes, future employment and involvement in crime. Statistics show that a significant number of pupils in every school will have suffered from trauma. This trauma can impact negatively on childrens learning, behaviour and mental health.

We encourage all those who work with young people to be become 'trauma informed' and can direct you to training that will help you achieve this. The videos below give an insight into explaining why.

Michael Gregory, a Senior Attorney on the staff of the Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative and Clinical Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, shares the five core ideas of Helping Traumatized Children Learn 

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Toxic stress